DEKA 12V Marine Master DC24 Deep Cycle Battery
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DEKA 12V Marine Master DC24 Deep Cycle Battery

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DEKA 12V Marine & RV Deep Cycle Batteries are designed to with stand the special rigors of long deep discharges and long, slow recharges. Features include thick heavy-duty frame grids and plates for minimum maintenance, deep pocket plate separators preventing short circuits, fiberglass plate wrap protecting against plate shedding and de-mineralized electrolyte preventing water loss. A leak proof and vibration resistant designs to help prolong the life of the battery.

Battery Specifications:

  • Cold Cranking Amps at  0°F : 500amps
  • Marine Cranking Amps at 32°F : 625amps
  • Minutes at 25 Amp: 130min.
  • 10-3/4" L  x  6-3/4" W  x  9-3/8" H

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Brand: Deka

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