PERMALOGIC Dual Circuit Dome Lamp Controller #60-2522-20
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PERMALOGIC Dual Circuit Dome Lamp Controller #60-2522-20

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PERMALOGIC™ is an all-weather, all-electronic dual circuit nosebox controller designed to manage power to trailer dome lamps. By simply stepping on the brake pedal, allowing the automatic timer to turn off the lamps, or manually flipping a switch - you'll save the life of your battery and the expense of a road call. Unit is fully electronic - eliminates mechanical air pressure switch. Unit includes 20 amp circuit breakers, gasket  and is constructed of weatherproof, solid-state electronics. Also available in a stand alone unit.

  • BRAKE PEDAL ACTIVATED: If the brakes are activated at any time, the controller will automatically switch OFF the interior trailer dome lamps. By doing this, all power is available for the ABS system.
  • UNDER/OVER VOLTAGE CUTOFF: If the tractor batteries fall below 9.75 volts or rise above 16 volts, the interior trailer dome lamps will flicker once each minute to warn of an impending shutdown. If no action is taken, the lamps are turned OFF to save the tractor batteries. A fast-flashing red LED light will remain on until the condition is fixed.
  • TIMER CUTOFF: After 60 minutes of continuous use, the timer will shut OFF the interior dome lamps.


Brand: Phillips Industries
MPN: 60-2522-20

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