UFP DB-35 5-Lug 10 in. Zinc Plated Rotor Assembly #41019
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UFP DB-42 10" Vented Zinc Plated Disc Brake Rotor (5-Lug) #41038

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The UFP DB-42  zinc plated disc brake rotor is vented to help shed heat and can be used with trailer axles that have up to a 3750 lb. capacity. They will accept 13" to 15" wheels. (Lug nuts, bearings and seal are sold separately)

Spindle Size: 1-3/8" x 1-16" tapered
Diameter: 10-1/4"
Bolt circle:
5 on 4-1/2"
Inner Bearing: 1-3/8" (L68149)
Inner Race: L68110 (Included)
Outer Bearing: 1-1/16" (L44649)
Outer Race: L44610 (Included)
Seal: 2.56" x 1.68"
Minimum Thickness: 22.40mm

Brand: UFP Trailer Parts
MPN: 41038U
DB-35 vs. DB-42

Unique Functional Products, UFP as they are commonly known, offers two different series of disc brakes. They offer a DB-35 and a DB-42 and since the parts are not interchangeable it is essential to be able to identify what you have.

ThUFP DB35e DB-35 visually appears more similar to an automotive caliper. It will have two
mounting ears below the body to attach theRotor_small caliper directly to the axle brake flange. The rotor is also identifiable but it can be a little more difficult. On the rotor/hub there will be a minimum thickness of 17mm 
(MIN THK 17.0 MM)
stamped on the inside of the back.


DB42_smallThe DB-42 is visually unique and consists of a thick caliper body that houses the piston, and a metal shroud that will house the pads. The DB-42 will have only one mounting bolt hole located in the center of the bleeder valve and brake line port. On the rotor/hub there will be a
minimum thickness of 22.40mm (MIN THK 22.40 MM) stamped on the backside.

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