Back-Up Cameras and Overhead Protection Kits

Back-Up Cameras and Overhead Protection Kits

Back-Up Cameras and Overhead Protection Kits

Back-up Cameras, Sensor Systems, Overhead Protection Systems and Trailer Guides help prevent accidents, allow you to hook up your trailer easily, or just back up with confidence.

Rear-View Camera Systems allow you to actually see objects behind your vehicle using a monitor mounted inside the cab.
Back-Up Sensor Systems warn you of objects behind your vehicle with an audible alarm that will increase in intensity as the object behind the vehicle becomes closer.
Overhead Protection Systems are protection devices designed to warn drivers of unmarked or mismarked low-hanging hazards, like archways/signs, trees, overpasses and older service station canopies.
Trailer Guides allows you to easily align your trailer hitch with the vehicles ball without getting in and out of the vehicle.

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GiraffeG4 Overhead Truck Protection System #G4001


GiraffeG4 Overhead RV Protection System #G4002


GiraffeG4 Magnetic Sensor Mount #G4003


Swift-Hitch Portable Wireless Back-Up Camera System #SH01


Hopkins Wireless Back-Up Camera System #50050


Swift Hitch Adjustable Windshield Suction Cup Mount Kit #PC03


Swift Hitch Back-Up Camera System Storages Case #PC02


Wagan Traveler's Adapter (AC to DC Adapter with USB Port) #PP01


Swift Hitch Replacement 12V Li-Battery #PB01


Swift Hitch Suction Cup Camera Mount Kit #PM01


Swift Hitch 12V Car Charger #PC01


Swift Hitch Magnetic Camera Weatherproof Cover #PB04


Hitch Alignment System / Trailer Guide #63300


TRAILER HANDBOOK Guide to Understanding Trailers & Towing Safety