Aluminum Brackets and Hangers

Aluminum Brackets and Hangers

Aluminum Brackets and Hangers

Trailer Parts Superstore® offers a wide selection of heavy-duty brushed aluminum interior brackets & hangers for use in enclosed stock trailers and horse trailers from Tow-Rax® Inc. These unique products increase storage efficiency, maximize your workspace and eliminate clutter. Tow-Rax® products help develop a professional, organized environment for securing your equipment while offering the sleek look of heavy-duty brushed aluminum. Designed with functionality and versatility for every trailer and shop, Tow-Rax® products are the perfect addition to your home, garage and trailer.

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TOW-RAX Flashlight Holder Bracket, #SP135FLHOA


TOW-RAX Strap hanger, (8") #SP8SHA


TOW-RAX Strap hanger, (17") #SP25SHA


TOW-RAX Single Accessory Bracket, #SP35SBA


TOW-RAX Double Accessory Bracket, #SP1025DBA


TOW-RAX Helmet and Gear Hook, #SPHHA


TOW-RAX Cord Hanger, #SPSCBA


TOW-RAX Paper Towel Holder, #SPPTH


TOW-RAX Cup Holder, (2-Cup) #SP2CH


TOW-RAX Air Gauge Holder, #SPSAGHA


TOW-RAX Aluminum Glove Dispenser, #SPGD