Opti-Brite™ LED Interior Reefer Light #ILL08COB
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Opti-Brite™ LED Interior Reefer Light #ILL08COB

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Ultrabright, flange mount LED reefer light designed for dependable use in extreme temperatures (-40 to 140°F). Eight-diode design provides bright light output while conserving power. Diodes produce little heat and last up to 100,000 hours–no bulbs to replace. Corrosion proof, polycarbonate housing and lens–same material as bullet proof glass. Operating voltage 7-30VDC, appropriate for use with 12VDC and 24VDC systems; light output remains consistent at all operating voltages (no dimming), cutting off when dropping below or rising above limits. Hard wired design includes both lead and ground wires for mounting to all surfaces. 16-inch, 16 gauge leads with tinned ends.
Opening Dimensions:  L = 17.146"   W = 4.731"
Overall Dimensions:  L = 18.25"   W = 5.75"
Light Output: 450 Candela / 1470 Lumen

Brand: Optronics

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